Why Your Yoga Pants Keep Rolling Down and How to Stop Them

Why Your Yoga Pants Keep Rolling Down and How to Stop Them

We’ve all had those moments out in public (especially in yoga class!) when our wardrobe malfunctions are especially annoying. Of course, when they keep happening, it’s tempting to throw your clothes out and start over, but there are many simpler solutions to these problems. Let’s look at yoga pants in particular.

Here’s why your yoga pants keep rolling down and how to stop them: Either your yoga pants are made of poor-quality fabric, are too loose for you (which happens over time), or they’re the wrong size. To stop this from happening, there are a few remedies you can try before you give up on your beloved wardrobe staples!

From finding the right fit and size to maintaining them properly, there are tons of ways to make sure your yoga pants stop rolling down on you. Nobody enjoys such a fashion inconvenience, so here are the details on why this happens to you and how to stop it.    

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Why it Happens

If your yoga pants keep rolling down at the waist, chances are the band is too loose to fit your waist properly or the fabric isn’t sturdy enough to keep its shape. This happens often with worn yoga pants, yoga pants that have low waistbands, and yoga pants that do not have elastic bands in the waist. Of course, there are many other reasons, but these are the most common.

Sometimes, when none of these things is the problem, the size of the yoga pants is what’s causing the issue. If you don’t like a very tight fit, there’s some bad news for you: yoga pants are meant to fit snugly and stretch slightly as you put them on, securing them against your skin and preventing them from rolling down.

How to Stop the Rolling

If you bought a pair with drawstrings, these may be used for your benefit! Simply tie the strings tight but comfortably to secure the waistband and end the problem. If you’re especially crafty, you may be able to install one yourself. Otherwise, you can take them to a seamstress who can do this for you. Alternatively, you can have an elastic band installed!

If your yoga pants are rolling and having them altered doesn’t seem to do the trick, there are a few things you can try to do to keep this from happening. A tight-fitting tank top or other undershirt layered over top of the waistband of the yoga pants could help to prevent rolling, or you can try tucking in a looser top to add some millimeters to your waistline and keep that band up.

You can also try wearing a belt (I know, weird,) that works comfortably with your yoga pants. You might be able to find an exercise belt that works for you, or an otherwise fabric belt that doesn’t look completely out of place! Many stores that sell yoga pants also sell these items, so try giving them a shot if you want an easy solution.

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How to Find Quality Yoga Pants

A lot of the problem with yoga pants rolling down is due to the quality or age of the fabric. If you’ve ruled out sizing issues and elastic band malfunction, you may just need a new pair. There are a few tips and tricks to find the perfect pair.

“You get what you pay for” is a seriously true statement when it comes to clothes, especially with yoga pants. Cheap yoga pants are usually the ones to malfunction. While it may be tempting to buy those yoga pants online for only $6, chances are you’re probably wasting your money. 

It’s best to look for high quality, which means a slightly higher price tag. Those $6 yoga pants won’t last compared to a $40 pair, so making the sacrifice to go for quality over quantity is best. These yoga pants will generally be made of higher quality materials with sturdy elastic waistbands that will conform to and hold your shape better. 

When you shop for yoga pants, consider also the design. Those with a high-waisted design are much less likely to roll on you, as will designs that feature solid, wide waistbands with reinforcement. Some yoga pants are even adjustable; so, if you often fluctuate in the waist, these yoga pants are nice to have in the wardrobe.

Buying the Right Size

If you do everything in your power to try and make your yoga pants stay on, but they simply refuse, then sizing is likely your issue. Yoga pants that are both too small and too big can cause a problem when you keep having to pull them up, readjust, and try them with different outfits. Whether you’re new to yoga pants or an expert, size varies between brands.

If your yoga pants don’t necessarily roll, but just straight up fall off you slowly throughout the day, then they’re either too small or too big. It’s just a matter of finding out which.

Too Small

Yoga pants that are too small will excessively compress your waist. As they do so, your skin makes it way up over the waistband, slowly but surely pushing down the fabric to free itself. Before you freak out, though, realize that by nature, most yoga pants do this anyway, so the problem probably isn’t your weight or size. It’s just the design of the pants.

You can remedy this by trying on your yoga pants before you buy them- don’t just peek at the size and make the decision based on other pairs you have. Because of size differences between brands, it’s tricky to really nail down your exact size in yoga pants in general. If when you try them on they don’t feel like they’re crushing your waist after a few minutes, they’re good to go.

Too Big

Similarly, yoga pants that are too big are an issue as well. If they don’t feel tight but comfortable on your waist, chances are they’re too big, and will quickly begin to either roll or fall down, leaving you in an awkward position to have to continuously pull them up throughout the day. They’ll also likely be too big in the legs, which only complicates the fit further.

Make sure that when you try a new brand, you try them on before you go buying several pairs straight away. Try starting with one pair that is returnable if you buy online, or try on several different brands in a store to find out which brand’s designs fit you best. Most of the time, you will find a brand that just works for you!

It sounds super complicated, but in reality, finding the right fit is very simple if you take the time to do your research. Read reviews, look for stores that advertise your body type, and most importantly, make sure the yoga pants you choose feel right for you. This way, you’ll never end up with a pair that sits at the bottom of your closet, never to be worn again.

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Where Should I Look for Quality Yoga Pants?

Since the internet is oh-so-full of scams and false advertising, it can be especially difficult to filter through all the nonsense to find an online store that caters to your needs and provides quality products that will last. In light of this predicament, here are a few online stores that sell quality leggings, guaranteed by reviewers like ourselves:

For those who prefer to shop in-store to find their perfect fit, there are also a ton of widely-available stores that sell high-quality yoga pants. These stores are generally (almost) everywhere, so you should be able to find one near you:

  • Target
  • Kohl’s
  • JCPenney/Dillards
  • Nike
  • Dick’s Sporting Goods

And many more. If none of these stores are in your area, you can simply search the web for retailers that sell the brands you’re interested in, and voila! Shopping time. Of course, stores near you may not sell yoga pants, so if you’re stuck shopping online, rely on reviews from other people who are your size.

There are also many luxury retailers that sell yoga pants, so if you want some super-high-end yoga pants, you can look at places such as Frederick’s and Victoria’s Secret. Other luxury brands are bound to sell yoga pants, too, but it’s best to stick to those reviews to make sure they’ll fit you correctly.

How to Care for Yoga Pants

The key to keeping your yoga pants nice and new looking is to keep up on their maintenance. Some people simply toss them in the municipal laundry without a second thought- but this can prove to be destructive to your favorite staples.

Most clothing comes with tags that specify how to wash them. On that same note, most athletic clothing should be washed together or with similar items. Instead of washing them with towels and jeans that can be abrasive and deteriorate the fabric, opt to wash them with your softer clothing, like tops and undergarments. 

You should also avoid throwing them in the dryer on the highest setting (forget about drying them in time to rush out the door) because of the elastic nature of yoga pants. Heat damages the elasticity in the fabric, making it break down faster and shortening the life of the material. This can lead to early rips, tears, and snags. Some pairs even require air drying.

Make sure that you use the appropriate products to maintain your yoga pants. There are laundry detergents and additives specifically for athletic clothing on the market now, so take advantage of the latest technology in laundry cleaning and opt for detergents that will help to maintain the elasticity of all your athletic clothing.

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Yoga Pants or Leggings?

Sometimes, yoga pants just aren’t what you’re looking for as far as comfort. If you want to wear your yoga pants out and about instead of exercise (yoga), you might be better off purchasing some athletic-style leggings to complete your look. Yoga pants, while sweat-wicking, stretchy and convenient, can sometimes be replaced by simpler options.

Leggings are great because they’re super easy to shop for. They’re generally much more flexible, meaning you can buy a pair that are slightly too small, and there won’t be any huge setbacks. This can be a good thing, too, because size matters way less, and leggings are a great way to be comfy and still look cute.

The only downside of wearing leggings as opposed to yoga pants is obvious: you can’t really work out in them. They become soaked in sweat faster than you can say “squats,” and their flexible nature can stretch them beyond their limits without any reinforcement. It’s safe to say that if you plan to work out, leggings aren’t the right choice.

However, if you plan to go out with your friends or head to work in something comfier than pants, then leggings are the way to go. They provide a stylish look that goes with pretty much everything from outfits to shoes and accessories. They’re also a good all-weather go-to, as they come in pretty much any style, from thin capris to thick, wool-lined luxury. 

Common Yoga Pants Mistakes

It’s common to wear yoga pants and treat them like any other pants; loading up your pockets (if they have them) is something that can cause wear and tear on the fabric. You should also avoid putting anything sharp in the pockets, such as nail clippers and hairpins, as these will inevitably tear holes in your favorite yoga pants (and nobody wants that!)

In case you were wondering how what you’re doing can damage your yoga pants, take a close look at what you do when you wear them. Do you often re-adjust them by pulling on the band? Do you tend to pull them on by the same spot every time? These bad habits can also weaken the fabric, making it easier for rips and tears to happen.

Most yoga pants fall apart at the seams. If your yoga pants are too tight, for example, chances are they won’t last long. Additionally, if you have a habit of pulling near the seams or stretching in ways that the yoga pants aren’t designed for, then it may be time to search for something that will stand up to the abuse.

Yoga Pants Abuse

Another common mistake is wearing out the knees. If you kneel a lot, whether it’s to tie your shoe to lift something off the ground, the knees are more likely to wear out first. If your yoga pants tend to fall apart more often than usual, you may need to look for some that are made with a thicker fabric. 

Keep in mind that your daily habits may be difficult to catch at first, but if you notice some common wear spots that you see in all your yoga pants, then the problem is likely something that you do to them without thinking about it. Maybe you rub your thigh a lot- this will show in the fabric as it begins to deteriorate. 

You can also damage your yoga pants by washing them with harsh chemicals and in poor quality water. Using powdered, abrasive detergents is bound to reduce the elasticity of the materials, making it difficult for them to bounce back to their original shape, and eventually wearing out entirely.

Purchasing Decisions

Another common mistake is buying yoga pants with lots of lace. Sure, they’re super cute, but this becomes an issue fast if you have animals, hike through brush in them, or even perform simple yard maintenance in them. Snags appear seemingly out of nowhere, but they can happen at any time, ruining your super cute pair. It’s best to avoid these.

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Final Tips and Takeaways

If you’re new to the yoga pants world, or simply want to spruce up what you already have in your closet, then don’t be afraid to take some risks or try something new. Yoga pants are a great way to look cute, get active, and be comfortable all at the same time. They’re really a dream come true for us.

Remember to keep your yoga pants new by taking proper care of them. There’s really no better way to make your purchases last. This tip really goes for all your athletic clothes, because we all know that while spending money on athletic clothes is always fun, replacing them can be hard on the wallet.

Wearing athletic clothing such as yoga pants isn’t just a necessity for attending your yoga classes- it also inspires you to be active more outside of class. Being prepared to exercise makes it a lot easier to do it when you get the chance; maybe you can stop at the park and go for a nice walk or jog on your way home!

Wearing yoga pants should always be comfortable, so if your yoga pants don’t fit you right, don’t fight them- try to fix the problem by either altering or simply replacing them. One off pair can really make a difference in how you shop for them forever!


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