Is My Vinyasa Practice Worth It? [My Honest Opinion]

Is My Vinyasa Practice Worth It?

Interested in My Vinyasa Practice, but not sure if it’s worth it? In this article we will discuss if My Vinyasa Practice is really worth it and the reasons why.

Is My Vinyasa Practice Worth It? Yes, My Vinyasa Practice is definitely worth it. My Vinyasa Practice has an affordable cost, exceptional customer service, live mentors, and a 30-day money back guarantee refund policy.

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What is My Vinyasa Practice?

My Vinyasa Practice is a yoga studio based in Austin, TX. The founder and main yoga instructor, Michelle Young, has been teaching yoga for nearly 20 years and shows a real passion for teaching her students. Their team of teachers are among the highest trained teachers and yoga therapists in the country, and have studied with some of the world’s finest master teachers.

Starting in 2020, My Vinyasa Practice offers their yoga teacher trainings online, mirroring the in-person trainings. The trainings follow the same curriculum, so you will get the same certification online as if you did the in-person training.

My Vinyasa Practice has quickly become the leader in online yoga teacher training because of their affordable cost and the yoga instructors genuine passion for teaching yoga.

What’s Included in My Vinyasa Practice?

My Vinyasa Practice has three online yoga teacher training courses: 200 hour, 300 hour, and 500 hour YTT. Each of these three courses offers the same experience as if you enrolled in an in-person My Vinyasa Practice YTT.

Let’s review My Vinyasa Practice in the following categories:

  1. Customer Support
  2. Required Course Materials
  3. Flexibility
  4. Community
  5. Refund Policy

1. Customer Support

Having good customer support is important for online YTT courses. When in-person, you can simply ask your questions to the instructor directly, that can be a bit more difficult with online courses.

When it comes to customer support, My Vinyasa Practice is the best in the industry.

My Vinyasa Practice has several different customer support options for students. They offer live chat, one-on-one live mentoring, study groups, private Facebook group, and more.

The one-on-one live meetings are excellent for getting personalized help. They are included in the course at no additional cost, and you can schedule them to fit your schedule.

Their team of teachers and mentors are there to help you whenever needed.

2. Required Course Materials

It’s common to see online YTT courses charge an upfront fee to enroll, then explain that you need to purchase additional reading materials afterwards.

My Vinyasa Practice includes all required reading material with the cost of enrolling. There are no additional costs once you enroll.

As a bonus, you get access to all of these materials for life!

3. Flexibility

When it comes to online YTT courses, there are typically two types of courses: live and pre-recorded.

With live classes, they are generally more personalized, however they come with a whole slough of challenges as well (fixed schedule, internet connection, large class sizes, etc.).

With pre-recorded classes, the training has already been recorded and you are watching it after the fact. The downside is that you don’t get as personalized of an experience, but the positives are that you can watch it anytime, anywhere, from any device.

My Vinyasa Practice does the best of both worlds. The “general” teaching material is pre-recorded, and then you get full access to live support for personalized questions. It seems to work very well.

The really nice part about the pre-recorded training, is that you can watch it on your schedule, and their system keeps track of your progress.

4. Community

My Vinyasa Practice goes above and beyond to create a private community for its past, and present, students.

Once you enroll, you’ll receive access to the private Facebook group, filled with other students. You can use this as much as you’d like, and you have access for life!

You’ll find that the group is a great place to browse common questions, along with tips from other yoga teachers.

5. Refund Policy

Not that we ever plan to use a refund policy, but it’s good to have the peace of mind knowing that there is one.

The industry standard for online YTT courses, is a 7-day money back guarantee.

My Vinyasa Practice goes one step further and offers a full 30-day money back guarantee, no questions asked.

How Much Does My Vinyasa Practice Cost?

My Vinyasa Practice offers three online yoga teacher trainings:

200-hour online YTT costs $425 or 4 payments of $233.75/month.

300-hour online YTT costs $510 or 5 payments of $225/month.

500-hour online YTT costs $935 or 4 payments of $330/month (this is a combination of the 200 hour and the 300 hour YTT course).

Ps. My Vinyasa Practice sometimes has a coupon code POPUP25 for 25% off.

Who Is My Vinyasa Practice For?

My Vinyasa Practice is perfect for someone who wants to be able to teach yoga at a studio, or to simply gain more knowledge about yoga. The yoga teacher trainings are completely self paced so you can work on your own time, which is great for someone who has a busy schedule.

My Vinyasa Practice’s online YTT is not for those who are looking for a destination location yoga teacher training. These destination trainings are available throughout the world such as Bali, Costa Rica, and Thailand, but are typically between $3000-$10000.

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If you’re looking for an affordable yoga teacher training that truly goes above and beyond in their teaching and support, then I would highly recommend My Vinyasa Practice. The team at My Vinyasa Practice has a true passion for teaching yoga, and you can feel it as a student.

If you’re thinking about enrolling in My Vinyasa Practice, I’d say it’s definitely worth it.


Ps. Don’t forget to try the POPUP25 coupon at checkout 🙂


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