The Ultimate List of Yoga Gifts Under $20

The Ultimate List of Yoga Gifts Under $20

Whether you’re gifting yourself something new for your yoga practice or searching for something for your favorite yogi, finding something under $20 can be challenging. The rise in yoga’s popularity has also created a rise in prices for anything yoga related. 

If you’re on the hunt for the perfect yoga gift, but the idea of spending $70 on a mat or a pair of yoga pants makes you cringe, don’t worry. Below, we’ll share some of our favorite yoga gifts, all for under $20.

Gifts Under $20 for the Fashionable Yogi

Fashion and function are the names of the yoga game. You have to wear clothes that allow you to bend and move freely. But that doesn’t mean you can’t look good while you practice. Here we have some gifts for anyone that likes to look great in every pose. 

Women’s Long-Sleeved Yoga Top

You never know where your practice will take you, especially if you’re in-studio working with an instructor. But you can guarantee you’ll be moving around quite a bit, so a shirt that moves with you is essential. There’s nothing worse than having to break pose to pull down a riding-up shirt or smooth a wrinkle that’s poking your back during Savasana. 

These Bestisun Long Sleeve Yoga Workout Tops Lightweight Thumbhole Shirts are made of breathable material, a yoga-must. Bonus: they have thumbholes, so the concern of sleeves getting all disheveled during warrior pose is no longer a worry. You can find these in just about any color, for just under $20.

Yoga Shirt

The Spiritual Hamsa Hand Yoga Tank Top  is a perfect gift for any yoga enthusiast. The fabric is super light, so it works great as a staple wardrobe piece or to wear during an actual yoga session.

Knotted Turban-Style Yoga Headbands

These are the latest and greatest in yoga headwear. This version from Blom is stylish and ethically made in Bali. How cool is that? A turban-style headband is wide in the back and knotted in the front, so it’s great for keeping hair off the face during yoga but also fitted enough not to have to worry about slippage. And no pinching or pulling, the soft fabric prevents hair from getting stuck inside.

Even though this yoga headband comes in all the colors of the rainbow, a good neutral is always a reliable option when you’re gifting it to someone else so that they can wear it with anything. These headbands run just under $15. 

Yoga Socks

Socks are always a great gift, but yoga socks might take a little knowledge of personal preference. To make sure you nail the gifting, we have a couple of different options for you in the footwear department:

  • Gaiam Non-Slip Yoga/Barre Socks: This is an excellent option for anyone that wants to have fancy feet while they practice. They’re pretty cute with gray and pink print, but they also have stretchy elastic straps to help achieve the best fit. Also, non-slip grips are clearly essential. A pair of these is only $10.
  • Gaiam Toeless Grippy Socks: There are plenty of yogis that prefer to use their toes for additional grip or even feel a little trapped when their toes aren’t free. These socks still have the supreme grip on the soles, but toes have the freedom to wiggle and move. And they’ll only set you back $10. 
  • Anti-Skid Yoga Socks: If you’re not sure what kind of socks you should gift, try a pack of six with a few different varieties. But six pairs of yoga socks don’t have to cost a small fortune. You can get this one from Koccido for only $13.99. There are two pairs of crisscross straps socks, two pairs of single strap socks, and two pairs of socks without straps at all. Each pair still has the no-slip grips on the soles. 

Yoga Pants

There are two kinds of people when it comes to yoga pants: those that like tight-fitting yoga pants and those that don’t. Some appreciate the comfort and security offered by compression leggings, while others need that extra freedom to move around without feeling constricted by their pants. Don’t worry, we have options, so you can find the perfect yoga pants to give as a gift.

Harem Pants

These “super soft, modal spandex harem pants” from Hoerev are the epitome of comfort. They’re slightly fitted and more structured at the top to help prevent any riding up or falling down, but the legs are about as flowy as they come. 

For right around $15, these pants are the ideal gift for any yogi, and they’re basically two pairs of pants in one! Yes, they’re great for actually practicing yoga, but they’re also fantastic for lounging around the house. And, for the extra trendy yogis that can get away with looking fab in just about anything, they’ll even work as athleisure wear for just everyday things like running errands. 

Yoga Leggings

Here’s an option for those that prefer a little more structure and compression while they practice. The Sp3lops Women’s Yoga Pants are both high waisted and “buttery soft,” two highly sought after components in yoga leggings. 

These are also available in a wide selection of colors, but again, if you’re buying on behalf of someone else, neutral is always a safe way to go. Try the grey, navy, or solid black.

Men’s Yoga Joggers

Cotton joggers are another reliable option for practicing yoga. The CandyHusky version has an elastic waist, an absolute necessity for comfort during any yoga practice. They’re also tapered at the bottom and secured with more elastic, preventing the pants from riding up or getting tangled during extreme poses. 

Under $20 Gifts for the In-Home Yoga Studio

Not everyone takes their yoga practice to the studio. For those yogis, we have gifts to help make any area of the home into a yoga studio. These are also great for anyone who likes to BYOE to the studio (Bring Your Own Equipment). In a time when sharing isn’t necessarily caring, bringing your own equipment is a safe way to practice without spreading germs.

Blocks and Straps

Both yoga blocks and yoga straps are essential for leveling up on more challenging yoga poses, but they’re not just for beginners. Every yogi needs a yoga strap and one or two yoga blocks.

Block and Strap Set

Instead of buying a block and strap separately, Gaiam offers a set of both for $15. There are a few other features that make this set fantastic for the in-home studio: 

  • Odorless: The yoga block and strap are both odorless, so there’s no concern about unpleasant smells from this gift.
  • Sizing options: There’s a choice in sizing for the yoga blocks so that you can gift either a 3″ or 4″ block, depending on the recipients’ experience and flexibility. 
  • Warranty: The strap and block set comes with a 2-year warranty. If there are any issues with either piece of equipment, customer service is there to help.

Set of 2 Yoga Blocks

One of the top names in yoga, Gaiam, supplies two latex-free yoga blocks for right around $11. There are plenty of folks out there with latex allergies, so it’s good to know there are options that won’t cause any adverse reactions! 

These foam blocks also have a little added non-slip grip, adding a little bit of stability to the poses.  

Cork Yoga Block

Cork blocks are a much greener option for those that are environmentally aware. Plus, they look really cool. Cork blocks are typically a little more solid and less forgiving than foam blocks, so they provide a little firmer support. Finding cork blocks for under $20 isn’t always easy, but this one is just over $15. 

Yoga Strap

Let’s be honest, exercise is more fun when you have equipment that looks great, right? These yoga straps come in all kinds of color combos, so they add a little extra flavor to your practice. The Tumaz yoga strap is available in solid colors, as well as two-tone color combos. They’re also available in a range of sizes: 6 feet, 8 feet, and 10 feet.

But, the best part of giving this particular strap as a gift to your favorite yogi? It’s only $9! It’s a great gift on its own, but it’s affordable enough you could give it along with something else. 

Yoga Mats

Chances are, the yogi you’re gifting already has a mat they love. But, a backup mat is a must. It never hurts to have a second, or even third, on hand. In the event that their primary mat gets damaged, there’s another one ready for action. 

Or, for those that practice at home, there’s always a mat available when friends join in. Who knows, maybe you’ll get to use the backup mat one day.

Extra Thick Mat

This mat from Gaiam is 2/5″ thick, so it has a little extra padding. An excellent option for those that are new to yoga to cushion those possible tips and spills. 

A thicker mat also adds an extra comfort level for those who experience joint pain during their practice. A mat like this doesn’t have to be expensive, either. This one is right under $17.

Kids’ Yoga Mat

We can’t leave out our wee yogis! Gaiam for the win, again. Their yoga and fitness mat is available in several adorable print options, including an owl or elephant. Little ones can get their flow on while using their very own mat. 

Folding Travel Yoga Mat

For serious yoga fans that bring their own mat when they travel, one that fits in a suitcase is a must. And surprise, surprise, Gaiam created a mat that can do just that, and it’s under $20. The mat easily folds into a smaller rectangle that easily fits into travel bags but unfolds into a full-size mat. 

Yoga Towel

Yoga towels aren’t just for those that need to wipe the sweat off their brow. They’re also helpful for working on those newer poses that need a little extra no-slip grip. It’s not essential, so not all yogis would buy one to keep on hand. But they’re helpful, so they make a great gift option. 

This LotusCrafts Yoga Towel works great wet or dry, for both hot yoga sessions and regular yoga.

Yoga Blanket

This handmade Mexican Yoga Blanket is both soft and durable. And it’s under $20.

Yoga Cushions

Cushions are another piece of equipment that isn’t required, but they sure enhance the overall experience when used. Unfortunately, yoga cushions are usually on the pricey side. Not these Zealtop Knee and Elbow Pads. They’re under $15. 

Besides alleviating extra stress and discomfort on knees and elbows, they also work with a mat to provide a little more grip, further preventing injury and stabilizing poses.

Eye Pillow

The DreamTime Eye Pillow with lavender aromatherapy will make anyone feel like they’re at a spa getaway. A perfect way to end a yoga practice in savasana.

Novelty Gifts Under $20

Perhaps you’re looking for a little something different. Some yogis already have the necessities. Up next, we’ve got a list of those “just for fun” gifts for the yogi that has everything. And they’re still all under $20. 

Heavily Meditated T-Shirt

For the yogi that appreciates a little play on words with their namaste, this clever t-shirt is the perfect gift. Spiritual Yoga created this vintage design on a super soft, 100% cotton shirt in various colors. And it’s only $15.

Yoga Carriers

Some prefer a sling to carry their yoga mat, while others like a bag. It’s a matter of personal preference, so you might need to do a little investigating and recon before you pick the perfect yoga carrier to gift. But once you do, we have a few choices for you to pick from:

  • Macrame yoga bag: Boho-chic is really on-trend right now, so macrame is everywhere- including yoga bags. The MREYYOO Macrame Yoga Mat Bag for around $16 is both fashion-forward and functional.
  • Ewedoos Yoga Mat Bag: This is more of an open tote, with room for much more than just a yoga mat. It features extra-large pockets, so a water bottle and towel storage are an option for yogis on the go. This bag also scores mega style points, and it’s right around $15.

The Perfect Reusable Water Bottle

There are endless options for water bottles out there, and stainless-steel ones seem to be all the rage. However, yoga water bottles need to follow a separate set of criteria, outside of just looking cool. Nobody wants to be the one to disrupt the class by knocking over their bottle, so a softer material is always a bonus. 

This sports, reusable water bottle from Embrava is a great gift option! Fast flow and flip top leak proof lid with a one click open. With a tough carry-strap and a special reflective frosted casing that reacts uniquely to your environment, it is both stylish and convenient to use, and each bottle comes in a Free Gift Box making for a fantastic gift option!

To see the 7 Best Yoga Water Bottles check out this article.

Yoga Inspired Drinkware

Some yogis sip coffee, others sip wine. And there are plenty out there that love both. Here are a few creative, inexpensive drinkware gifts, all for well under $20. You can even supplement with a favorite coffee or bottle of wine because they’re priced so low. 

Yoga Pose Coffee Mug

This mug is simple, cute, and inspirational all at the same time. If you know a yogi that needs a little extra morning motivation, this mug will serve as a perfect reminder that after coffee comes yoga. 

Coffee or Tea Mug

Sure, a reminder is nice while sipping coffee or tea. But what about a mug that serves as a reminder for others? As in a “keep your distance” reminder? For the more sassy yogis, this “Talk to Me When Your Chakras Are Aligned” mug is a hilarious, tongue in cheek warning to others. 

Wine Glass

For anyone that lives a “Yoga First, Then Wine” life, this 18 oz. wine glass literally says it all. But also, it serves as a little guilt trip for those that did things in reverse, as in wine first, then yoga. Either way, it’s a fun gift. 

Yoga Dice

Sometimes a little added fun is the best way to get things going, even when practicing yoga. Turn an everyday yoga practice into a game with Chronicle Books’ Yoga Dice. Each of the seven dice included has various poses that will help guide any yoga practice and keep things interesting. The set of dice is just over $16.

Yoga Mat Spray

Give the gift of a clean yoga mat with a yoga mat spray:

Muse Bath Apothecary Yoga Ritual is a refreshing eucalyptus mint aromatherapy blend created with all-natural essential oils, so your yoga mats left clean and smelling fresh.

ASUTRA Natural & Organic yoga mat spray comes in an abundance of flavors like: lavender, citrus, peppermint, and lemongrass. Bonus, it also comes with a microfiber cleaning towel!

Final Thoughts

Gifting is hard; there’s no doubt about it. But if you’re looking for something to give a yoga enthusiast, there are plenty of things listed above that make excellent gifts, and each one is under $20. You’ll be able to shop for yourself or someone else with ease!

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