Will Yoga Give You Abs?

Will Yoga Give You Abs?

Doing yoga benefits your mind and body, but can it help you reach your fitness goals? For many, abs are the ultimate sign of physical health. People dream of being fit enough to comfortably show off their abs and the work they have done to sculpt them. So, even if you do yoga for your mind, it would be nice to know if yoga can give you abs as well.

Will yoga give you abs? Yes, yoga can give you abs, but not on its own. Doing yoga alone is beneficial and will strengthen your core, but more work has to be done outside of the yoga lab. Yoga will help your abdominal definition, but if you want your abs to pop, focus on your diet and your cardio exercises as well.

Many people dream of having that perfect beach body. A lot of time and effort goes into achieving these goals, but if done correctly, your progress will show. If you eat a proper diet and workout correctly, yoga will help you achieve abs. Read on to learn all about the benefits yoga can have on your abs, as well as some advice on how to achieve abs. 

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How Yoga Benefits Your Abs

Getting abs derives from strengthening your core muscles. Yoga involves several core strengthening movements. By strengthening your core, you are giving your body the stamina and tools to achieve better visual success. So, while yoga can give you abs, focusing on the benefits yoga will have on your abs will help you achieve your goals.

  • Yoga strengthens your core
  • Yoga relieves back pain
  • Yoga improves your posture by strengthening your spine
  • Yoga improves your flexibility 

If yoga alone is not giving you the abs you are working hard to achieve, you can take solace in knowing that it will make ab-defining exercises easier to do. Ab exercises typically are not fun, and many choose to avoid them because of the pain they can cause to your back and your abdominal area. 

While yoga will not completely rid you of some of the pain and stress ab workouts can have on your body, it will make the movements far more manageable. Workouts like sit-ups and planks can be stressful on the spine for people without flexible cores and stable spines, but yoga can help alleviate the stress and pain. 

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Yoga Poses to Help Strengthen Abs And Core

While most yoga movements incorporate your core, not all of them directly target your abs. If you are not active outside of yoga, you will want to get the most out of your yoga workout as you can. Focus on movements that target your abs while also keeping your whole core engaged throughout the exercises. 

These exercises will help develop your abs while strengthening your core and spine. Many of these exercises mimic movements you may already be familiar with. If these poses are too stressful on your back or core, smoothly transition into them by doing easier poses such as the floating triangle, warrior III, and supine twist. 

Yoga Plank

This is just like a normal plank.

Assume push up position at its peak height while stabilizing your arms and core. Keep your back straight.

Dolphin Pose

Dolphin Pose

With your forearms flat on your mat, bend your upper body inward while lifting your hips towards the sky.

Your body should look like the letter “A.”

Dolphin Pose with Leg Lift

With your forearms flat on your mat, bend your upper body inward while lifting your hips towards the sky like in a traditional dolphin pose.

In addition to that, lift one leg upwards, pointing towards the sky.

Twisting Boat Pose

Twisting Boat Pose

With your legs and back off the ground, mimic a sit-up at its peak point and hold the position.

Stabilize your back with your arms extended wide.

Option to twist your upper body in one direction and hold, then switch.

Chair Pose

Chair Pose

While standing, bend your body as if you were about to sit on a chair and hold the position.

Extend your arms upwards towards the sky and avoid putting too much stress on your knees.

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Proper Form and Execution

Yoga poses engage key parts of your body. Your spine and your abdomen will frequently be involved in your movements, and keeping them stable and healthy is necessary. You can do yoga for months and months, but if you are not using the proper form and technique, many of your movements will go to waste.

  • Do not overextend your spine or core
  • If you feel pain, you might be doing something wrong
  • Look up videos and articles to help you execute proper form            
  • Start with easy poses, then transition into more difficult movements 

Not only will bad form affect the effectiveness of your yoga, but it can also cause problems to your body. Bad form can cause injury. If you injure yourself doing yoga, you might have trouble getting back into it. What’s even worse is it can negatively affect an active lifestyle and put all your fitness goals on hold.

While most yoga poses involve your core, not all of them will specifically target your abdominal area. If your goal is to have ab definition, poses like the plank, dolphin pose, twisting boat pose, and chair pose will help speed up the process and work your abs more. Consider simpler poses if these are too stressful at first, but always maintain good form.

Other Variables to Keep in Mind

Yoga alone will not do the trick. If your ultimate goal is defined abs, you will need to start the journey in the kitchen. If you are doing yoga for fitness benefits and to strengthen your core, you must eat healthy as well. You can do all the yoga you want, but if your diet consists of hamburgers and pizza, you will find little success carving your abs.

Months of work in the yoga lab can go to waste within a few weeks of eating unhealthy food. Yoga will still help you strengthen your core and stabilize your back and spine, but an unhealthy lifestyle will make certain poses difficult and harm the aesthetic of your abdominal area. Eat proteins such as fish and chicken along with veggies. 

Aside from the battle in the kitchen, maintaining an active lifestyle will help you achieve success sooner. If you have a job in an office where you sit for most of the day, you must use some of your off time to balance out your lack of movement. You do not have to be a gym freak or run a 5K every day, but active movements are necessary.

Stretching is a valuable part of the process as well. If you want maximum flexibility and a body that will work in tandem with you during your poses, stretching beforehand will loosen up your joints and muscles. This is especially valuable to people that sit throughout the majority of the day. Stretching will make your experience easier overall.

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Yoga can give you abs, but as with most things, there is more to it. If you maintain a healthy lifestyle outside of the yoga lab, you will eventually see some definition to your abdominal area from your yoga workouts. Yoga’s biggest benefit is that it strengthens your core and stabilizes your spine, making ab exercises easier to do.

Also, keep in mind that your lifestyle outside of the yoga lab will have a direct impact on your journey towards getting abs. Healthy eating habits and an active lifestyle will help your yoga exercises bring out optimal results. Yoga will give you abs, but it is up to you to set yourself up for success. Now go get that beach bod!


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