What to Bring to a Yoga Certification Course?

What to Bring to a Yoga Certification Course?

You’ve signed up and are getting ready for your first day of yoga teacher training. Congratulations on taking the next big step on your yoga path! With all of the excitement and nervousness, you may have realized that you have no idea what you need during this process. What should you bring to your yoga certification course?

What to bring to a yoga certification course?

  • Yoga Mat
  • Yoga Mat Cleaner
  • Assigned Reading Materials
  • Water Bottle
  • Organization Methods (Binders and Journals)
  • Tea
  • Personal Accouterment

Regardless of if you’re flying to Puerto Rico or if you are going to a yoga studio in your area, there are certain items that are absolutely essential to include in any advancing yogi’s tote bag. So what are the ultimate items to have in your yoga certification go-bag?

Ultimate Yoga Certification Packing Checklist

When packing for your yoga certification, it’s important to strike a balance between yoga centric and self-centering items. We won’t sugar coat it: Yoga teacher training can be an emotional journey as much as a physical one. This packing list makes sure to take care of your mental and physical wellbeing, as well as help you further your yoga journey.

Your Favorite Mat and Yoga Mat Cleaner

During yoga certification, an instructor will lead you through an extensive amount of yoga classes and poses during instruction. This is no big shock, but it’s something to seriously consider when you are taking stock of your yoga mats! The natural instinct is to bring a brand new mat to start your new journey as a yoga teacher.

This is not necessarily for the best! You want a yoga mat you trust, and that is comfortable to work on for hours on end. If you have a particular yoga mat that you know is always easy to move and lotus pose on, that is your best bet. Since extensive yoga classes can also mean extensive sweat, don’t forget your personal yoga mat cleaner to give it a wipe down when done! 

Reading Materials

Yoga certification is about more than just getting a certification: It’s about expanding upon your physical and spiritual journey through yoga. There is a lot (and we mean a lot) of reading that can be assigned during these courses to help you get a full view of the yoga practice, and the spiritual aspects yoga can impart.

While certain courses can have a few additional titles favored by the lead instructor, many have similar required reading. You should get assigned reading lists from the instructor prior to the certification course starting. 

Here are some titles that are recommended for a beginning yoga teacher:

Journals and Binders

Just like when you were in school, a yoga certification course will require you to take notes, complete homework, and organize printouts and information. The good news: This is information you actually want to learn and are invested in. It’s only right you make a nice home for all the thoughts and information you receive during the process!

A suitable binder will provide you with a home for printouts and documentation you receive during your yoga journey. Decorate it however you want and make it your own! Once you are done with the certification, you will find that, like many other yoga teachers, you will treasure your binder and refer back to it regularly for refreshers.

A journal is a great place to take notes on concepts that may be difficult to fully grasp. On top of that, during your yoga journey, you may feel the need to write out your thoughts. Some teachers even send students home with meditations to perform and possibly share at a later time if they want to. With a journal, you will always have your thoughts ready to share or reserve. 

Water Bottle

It’s said everywhere, from doctors’ offices to yoga studios: hydration is important. A yoga teacher certification course is all over the map with different yoga styles that teacher trainees will have to perform. With all that sweat, having your own water bottle on hand will make sure you get the water your body needs to replenish after a long day of any kind of yoga. 

Your Favorite Tea and Personal Items

We’re each our own little yoga light. Each one is different and shines in its own way. How can your light shine if you aren’t comfortable? When you are on a yoga certification retreat, homesickness can strike suddenly. Even if you are at a local studio, emotions can suddenly arrive, making you feel uncomfortable.

That’s why it’s so important to consider personal items and even your favorite tea when packing. While they may be something small, like an amethyst stone, or something big, like your favorite yoga bolster, bringing a comforting item and beverage to make when you need a break to center yourself can help you stay mentally focused on class and regain comfort!

Need something to put all your items in? This yoga mat bag can carry your yoga mat and has a large side pocket for carrying your water bottle and a small interior zipper pocket for your phone and wallet!

What to Wear to a Yoga Certification Course?

Once you have essentials down, there comes the big question: What to wear? There are so many different styles of clothing people wear that are suitable for yoga, from sweats and a sweater to just sports undergarments. You are on track to taking your yoga journey to the next level. What can you wear to tell people you are serious about your yoga journey?

Some top tips for picking out your Yoga Certification Course wardrobe:

  • Keep it classy
  • Let your style shine
  • Make sure you can move

Remember that the students you will be studying with are going to be yoga teachers as well. This is an opportunity to network and build your future yoga friends. As such, you want to put your best foot forward. When considering clothing, keep in mind you aren’t going to be at home, and you aren’t going to be at a club. Wear clean, non-exposing outfits that are not too loose or too tight. 

As much as that may make it feel like a job interview, it doesn’t mean you have to hide your yoga light! Pick outfits you find comfortable to move in with colors and patterns that speak to your individual style. The entire focus of this course is your yoga journey, and you should enjoy every part of it, even your wardrobe!

Enjoy Your Yoga Journey

With a well-stocked bag, you are ready to hit the road and get started on your yoga certification course. Whether you are on a retreat somewhere in the world or just taking lessons at the local yoga place, the ultimate yoga packing list will have you covered no matter what asana or workshop is thrown your way.

While it may sound silly, don’t hesitate to pack simple items that will help you during your journey, even if they aren’t on the list. Yoga certification and teacher training is often viewed as a physical course, but there are mental aspects as well that having personal items on hand can help. Namaste and good luck with your yoga certification!

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