Top 5 Best Yoga Flip Flops

Top 5 Best Yoga Flip Flops

Finding the right yoga flip flops can be difficult, especially when each persons foot is unique and different. Flip flops come in all sizes and styles. Some offer cushion and support while others look the part. We will explore in-depth some of the best yoga flip flops available today.

Below are The Top 5 Best Yoga Flip Flops that have the highest rating for all the boxes we want checked:

Best Yoga Flip Flops

  • Sanuk Yoga Mat
  • Sanuk Yoga Sling 2
  • Sanuk Yoga Salty
  • Sanuk Yoga Joy
  • Olukai Ohana W

Sanuk Brand

Sanuk brand is one of the best flip flops to wear, and not only for yoga but everyday walking as well!

Sanuk’s mission “is to be the outfitter for the journey to your happy place. Making sure your feet are as comfy as can be, and the good vibes are always runnin’ high.” They not only want people to wear the flip flop, but smile wearing it and pass that smile on to others.

Sanuk has many different collections including:

  • Sustainably Focused
    • Vegan
    • Hemp
    • Recycled Materials
    • Natural Materials
    • Responsible Leather
    • Washable
  • Activity Focused
    • Cozy Chillin’
    • Beach
    • Travel
    • Around Town
    • Water Friendly
    • Yoga Mat Comfort

Olukai Brand

Olukai, on the other hand is about an aloha lifestyle. This brand values style, comfort, and craftsmanship.

If you’re looking for a high quality flip flop that’s truly made to last, then this is the brand for you. Olukai uses premium materials and you can feel the difference as soon as you put them on.

Top 5 Best Flip Flops for Yoga

Sanuk Yoga Mat

Sanuk Yoga Mat flip flops feel like you are stepping on a real cushioned yoga mat. Not only are they comfortable, but they are lightweight and easy to slide on and off. If you’re looking for flip flops made from yoga mats, Sanuk brand will be the clear winner!

If you live in your flip flops, these are a must in your shoe closet! Walking in these bad boys feels like you can walk for miles and not have to worry about your feet hurting. The strap in between the toes is made out of a soft fabric so it doesn’t leave your toes irritated. Available in multiple different colors.

Sanuk Men’s Version: Beer Cozy 2 Flip-Flop

Overall: Comfortable and durable.

Sanuk Yoga Sling 2

Sanuk Yoga Sling 2 flip flops are lightweight and have a two way stretch comfort. The sling is stretchy enough to move around without being uncomfortable, and still supportive enough to keep them from falling off. Made from recycled yoga mats, you’ll want to keep walking forever.

They also come in a variety of different colors and patterns.

Overall: Supportive and great for long walks.

Sanuk Yoga Salty

Sanuk Yoga Salty flip flops are dressy enough to wear out to dinner, but also comfortable enough to walk in the park. For anyone with achey feet, these are perfect. The multiple straps are soft and stretchy and help to keep your feet from sliding around without being uncomfortable.

Overall: Stylish with the feeling of a memory foam yoga mat.

Sanuk Yoga Joy

Sanuk Yoga Joy flip flops have the look of a regular flip flop but have the comfort of a real yoga mat. The squishy slim profile footbeds are comfortable enough to wear all day. The thin straps don’t chafe and provide a barely-there feel. A perfect everyday shoe.

Overall: Simple and comfortable. Top recommendation!

Olukai Ohana W

Olukai Ohana W flip flops are made with all-natural materials, making them vegan friendly. They are high quality and last a long time if taken care of. If arch support is important, then these are perfect for you. Olukai’s arch support improves comfort and supports the natural contours of the foot. The heel cup centers and aligns the foot to reduce pressure on the arch of the foot.

Overall: Long lasting and great for any outdoor water activities.

Olukai Mens Version: Men’s Ohana

In Conclusion

Overall, my top recommendation is the Sanuk Yoga Joy flip flops. They’re inexpensive, easy to slip on, and very comfortable. What more could a yogi ask for!?


Yoga have been a part of Dakota's life for 10+ years. Her practice has helped her grow stronger, more flexible and fearless. Dakota encourages her students to be creative and challenge the body. She seeks to inspire every student to feel refreshed, nourished and balanced both on and off the mat.

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