Can You Get Yoga Teacher Certified From Home?

Can You Get Yoga Teacher Certified From Home?

Looking into yoga teacher training and certification that you can do from home? One of the hardest things to do is find a course that works with your schedule. Often, yoga teacher training and certification can have a strict attendance, where missing a day can set you back from getting your certification. Is there a way to instead get certified online, so you are always available?

Can you get yoga teacher certified from home? Yes, you can get yoga teacher certified from home. Many yoga teaching certification courses are available online or are adding online options for coursework to accommodate everyone!

Whether you have a busy schedule or just want to do teacher training at your own pace, an online yoga teacher certification can be just what you need. Aside from in-person camaraderie that you may miss out on, online gives you all the same teaching requirements. Read on to find out more about getting your yoga teacher certification from home. 

Getting a Yoga Teacher Certification at Home

You can absolutely become a certified yoga teacher from the comfort of your own home. It’s as simple as finding an accredited course that fits within the time you have available. There are even a variety of courses available to fit different budget needs.

But why choose an online certification? What are the advantages of becoming a certified yoga teacher from home vs. attending a class? Up next, we’ll share the benefits of getting certified online. 

Benefits of Getting Certified Online

There is no arguing the time convenience of going through an online course versus taking a certification in a studio. However, is there anything more that you can get from taking yoga teacher training online? 

You may be surprised to learn that there are a ton of advantages that can not only help you get through your certification but help later in your career!

  • Course material is always available for review
  • Easily transition from one job to the next. 
  • Lower cost means more money in your pocket
  • You lead your learning
  • You can expand your yoga horizons and that of your local community

Course Material Is Always Available for Review

Ask any yoga teacher, and they will tell you: Their yoga certification courses had them managing a binder or two, filled with different paperwork from all the workshops and classes they went to. With online training, you can save the paper. 

All of the coursework is online and accessible from computer or via the app. Best yet, you can always check back later when you need a refresher, for life!

Easily Transition from One Job to the Next

Making the jump to yoga teacher from your current career isn’t the easiest. Taking time to go to special workshops and required courses may take away from your daily job and can even be impossible. 

With online courses, you can do your day job and then handle your coursework in your free time! 

Lower Cost Means More Money in Your Pocket

There is one truth that cannot be ignored: Yoga teacher training and certification can be costly. For many aspiring yoga teachers, that means a lot of upfront cost on their path to greater yoga plans.

Online yoga certification can actually be cheaper, allowing you to save up for your own studio later or for needed payments on other things now. 

You Lead Your Learning

Taking an online certification puts you in the driver’s seat of your learning. With an in-person class, a lot of the time, things can come up and interrupt your life, preventing you from completing your courses. 

Many online certifications offer various options to access their teaching materials, from apps to members only video selections on private pages. 

You Can Expand Your Yoga Horizons and That of Your Local Community

The great thing about doing an in-person yoga certification is that you can learn local from respected certified yogis in your area. 

This allows you to build trust with your teacher, experience yoga that you find in classes throughout your area, and get familiar with a teaching style. However, this positive can also be a negative.

In many areas, if there is a centralized studio that provides certification, you will notice a particular trend. 

You can travel to other studios, and other teachers who went through the same studio for certification may have similar teaching styles or offer the same kinds of yoga. While familiarity makes for a universal comfort level wherever you go, it also can stagnate.

There are so many different kinds of yoga and so many different kinds of teachers worldwide. If you have a particular style of yoga, you are interested in, sticking to local yoga may lead to issues if none of the studios offer that style. 

This is where online yoga certification shines, as you can learn in many styles from teachers all over the world!

This means you can bring variety to your area by offering a different style than they are used to. If you specialize in a certain style, this can get you to access to teaching workshops at multiple studios and even locking in your own studio as the place to try for people looking for something different.

How Long Does It Take to Get Certified as a Yoga Instructor from Home?

Time is a critical factor in many respects when it comes to a yoga certification. You might want to book it through your courses to get certified as quickly as possible! However, there are some standards set through the certifications when it comes to how long it takes to become a bonafide yoga instructor.

The amount of time it takes to get certified depends on the actual certification you are trying to get. You may have seen the acronym RYT-200 or RYT-500 in some places during your online course research. RYT stands for Registered Yoga Teacher. These are registered course designations from the Yoga Alliance.

So what does the 200 and 500 mean? In brief, these are the hours required for the certification. RYT 200 means that it was 200 hours to complete, or roughly three to five months in the total certification course time. During these hours, studios have set lesson plans to get approved through Yoga Alliance to teach.

RYT-200 is the starting point for many yoga teachers, while RYT-500 is for more advanced training. The 500-hour class involves everything from the 200, as well as 300 additional hours, 100 of which are hands-on teaching and experience. This can take more than six months to complete for even the most dedicated of yogis and yoginis.

To read more about the different types of Yoga Teacher Certifications click here.

Should You Get Certified as a Yoga Teacher from Home?

When all is said and done, it’s important to meditate on the value of taking a certification online versus in person for your personal benefit. For many, learning in person where you can hear, see and interact hands-on with your teacher is valuable time that cannot be overlooked. If this is the case, an in-person class may be the best bet for you.

However, if you learn best on your own, an online yoga certification is totally worth it! You can fold your yoga training into your schedule easily while saving money. If you are interested in a particular type of yoga you cant easily find in your area, this can also be an advantage as there are so many different offerings from teachers everywhere that you can take advantage of.

We recommend My Vinyasa Practice to get your 200-hour or 500-hour certification. My Vinyasa Practice is a Registered Yoga School with Yoga Alliance. Michelle Young is E-RYT 500 registered with Yoga Alliance, and provides a real passion for teaching her students. The certification is completely online and self-paced so you can take as much or as little time completing it as you’d like. The training is laid out in weekly formats that guide students through the readings, videos, and other course content. The program can be completed in as little as 8 weeks, but students are encouraged to take the time they need to connect with the curriculum, heighten their understanding, and deepen their practice. They also provide 50% off tuition when paid in full.

Your yoga journey is your yoga journey. Only you can take it, but you can choose how you get there. Research available online programs thoroughly to find the best fit for you. Be sure they have a variety of ways for you to access learning modules so that even if you are in a meeting or on a plane, you can rest easy knowing your class is waiting for you on your phone.



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