Top 3 Best Online Yoga Teacher Training [My Honest Opinion]

Top 3 Best Online Yoga Teacher Training [My Honest Opinion]

Online education and certification programs have become increasingly popular, particularly for those aspiring to be yoga teachers. There are countless options online where you can become a professionally certified yoga teacher from the comfort of your home, but which courses are the best?

What Are The Best Online Yoga Teacher Training Certifications? The best yoga teacher training certification courses are My Vinyasa Practice and Brett Larkin Uplifted. Each of these excellent yoga schools offer 200-hour, 300-hour, and 500-hour programs along with additional courses and certifications for specialized yoga and a more extensive understanding of the practice. Both are Yoga Alliance Certified.

Read on to learn more about each of these schools and what their courses have to offer for individuals of all yoga levels. We’ll also discuss some of the most prominent reasons why online yoga programs might be more beneficial for you than in-person programs. 

1. My Vinyasa Practice

As one of the leaders in online yoga training programs, My Vinyasa Practice is a Registered Yoga School (RYS) with Yoga Alliance and has some of the most exceptional and in-depth yoga training courses you can find anywhere. 

This school has been voted the best yoga studio in Austin, Texas, an exceptional feat, particularly considering its founder, Michelle Young, started the school in a garage and has been expanding her yoga community ever since. 

Although My Vinyasa Practice has grown so substantially that the school physically changed venues, it still holds on to its deep values of making yoga accessible and affordable to everyone. As a result, they have put a substantial amount of time and resources into their online teacher training courses, and it shows. 

Aspiring yoga teachers can follow through the many certification stages by enrolling in My Vinyasa Practice’s 200-hour foundation certification course, 300-hour advanced certification course, and their 500-hour combined certification course. 

Every course is taught by professionally certified yoga teachers. They are also registered with Yoga Alliance and a Clinical Yoga Therapy program. You can pay in full for a 50% discount, or you can opt for a monthly payment plan. 

One of the best benefits of training with My Vinyasa Practice is that they have rolling admissions, and all of their courses are pre-recorded so that you can take them at your own speed. But this doesn’t mean you’re on your own.

You have the option of reaching out to trainers over zoom, and there are some online meetings you’ll attend over the course to ensure you are comfortable with your progress and the material. They also provide you with multiple different support options such as: direct feedback from your mentor, a Peer Support Representative who is with you every step of the way to answer any questions you have, and an online Facebook group, filled with current students and graduates worldwide. 

Bonus! All required materials are included in your cost of tuition, unlike many other schools.

Teacher Training Certification Courses

200 HOUR YTTStart your journey towards being a certified yoga teacher with this 200-hour program. This course covers a wide range of fundamental material, some of which includes: Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, the history and philosophy of yoga, dharma and karma, anatomy and physiology, sequencing and cuing, along with chakras, energetics and traditional practices to elevate consciousness. Students have the exceptional benefit of taking this course at their own pace and participating in weekend zoom sessions for more personal interactions with trainers. You can finish the course in as little as 8-weeks, or you can take as long as you want to ensure you fully understand the content before moving on with your training. $425 when paid in full
300 HOUR YTTOnce you’re comfortable with your fundamentals of teaching yoga, you can progress to the next level, the 300-hour program. It is required that you complete the 200-hour course before this supplemental certification training, which covers content subjects like: Subtle Bodies, Intro to Ayurveda, Business of Yoga, Yin Yoga, Restorative Yoga, Yoga Nidra, Trauma Informed Yoga, Advanced Anatomy and Physiology, Advanced Sequencing, Prenatal Yoga, and Adaptive Yoga. In addition to these subjects, students also have the opportunity to explore additional topics of interest, like Yoga for Anxiety or Yoga for Recovery, through live lectures. $510 when paid in full
500 HOUR YTTMy Vinyasa Practice’s time-efficient course is their 500-hour certification program that combines the content from their 200-hour and 300-hour programs into one. If you are certain you want to obtain your yoga teaching certification in the most timely and cost-efficient manner possible, this is your best option. The course includes both the 200 and 300 curriculums, so you don’t miss out on any content, and you can still take it all at your own pace. Once you’re finished, you’ll be a well-rounded and qualified teacher who can start teaching their courses anywhere.$935 when paid in full
Online Specialty TrainingExplore all their online courses and develop the skills to empower and change lives through any of their certifications such as Mindfulness, Meditation, Entrepreneurship, and Yoga Therapy.

2. Brett Larkin Uplifted

Brett Larkin started teaching the wonders of yoga to the everyday person through her prominent YouTube channel. By 2015, she had amassed over 450 thousand subscribers and was awarded YouTube’s “Next Up” award. 

Larkin has since become a renowned figure in the yoga community for her exceptional training courses and entrepreneurship. She has completed multiple Yoga Alliance, KRI, and certified prenatal training and once taught in Silicon Valley’s most popular yoga studio.

Now, you have the opportunity to gain all of Brett Larkin’s hard-earned knowledge in her teacher training certification programs at Brett Larkin Uplifted

Over 4 million minutes of these highly reputable courses are streamed every month by aspiring yoga teachers worldwide. 

Not only do you get to learn from Brett Larkin herself and her 15 years of teaching experience, but many of the courses also include some of yoga’s most influential individuals who Larkin highly admires, such as:

  • Yogiraj Alan Finger, bestselling author 
  • Anodea Judith, Ph.D., founder of MetaAnatomy, 
  • Kristin Leal, esteemed yoga teacher and founder of Kaya Yoga
  • Tom Myers, a global authority on fascia 

Although Larkin’s courses aren’t the most budget-friendly, they are certainly worth every penny. Many experts collaborate with Larkin to give you the most comprehensive and insightful courses that will leave you eager to start teaching.

Her curriculum is extensive but genuine and helps you explore yourself on a personal level while you learn to help others on their yoga journey as well. 

Each course follows a step-by-step framework which includes:

  • High-quality 20-minute videos that are easy to digest (and downloadable to your mobile phone)
  • A paper manual that corresponds to the video material
  • Participate in interactive Live Calls with discussion
  • Personalized asana review
  • Practice teaching that corresponds to you’re learning that week

The course doesn’t allow you to go at your own pace as much as My Vinyasa Practice, but everyone at Brett Larkin’s Uplifted guarantees that “Everyone graduates together. No one gets left behind.”

Teacher Training Certification Courses

200 HOUR YTTThis introductory course is highly interactive and provides the basics of yoga for aspiring teachers. Students are required to commit 8-10 hours a week to the program but ultimately have 18 months to move through the course at their own pace and graduate. The main goal of the 200-hour course is to ensure students have a solid foundation and understanding of yoga before they’re ready to progress to more advanced programs. Curriculum content partly includes: Anatomy, Asana, Cardiovascular and Nervous System Structure, Prenatal, Injury Management and Modifications. You will learn much more from this course, including essential business and entrepreneurial advice from Larkin so that you can start your teaching career on the most successful note possible.$2,850
300/500 HOUR YTTThe 300/500 course is a more advanced option strictly meant for individuals who already hold a yoga teaching certificate at the 200 level. To start, the course will review all of the content from the 200 level at a reduced rate before moving on to the highly in-depth subjects of the 300/500 course. One of the best perks about this certificate program is that all of the classes are led by yoga and industry experts, such as Lesley Fightmaster, author Tom Myers, certified Ayurvedic Sahara Rose, and many more. Although this program certainly delves deep into yoga’s teachings, its ultimate focus is to be a catalyst for your business growth. After all, being a yoga teacher isn’t all about the content; you have to be able to create a thriving school or studio as well, and Brett shows you how. 300 YTT: $3,397 
500 YTT: $4,897
Kundalini YTTIf you’ve finished your 200, 300, or even 500 level programs and you’re looking to bolster your teachings with something a little more specialized and unique, then Kundalini’s teaching training program is for you. This is an exceptionally unique course by master spiritual teacher and Kundalini Yoga instructor Guru Singh and co-led by Brett. Rather than learning yoga and teaching fundamentals, you’ll “explore the depth of your cosmic consciousness” as well as your spiritual awakening. The curriculum focuses on techniques and insights to subjects like, meditation, pranayama breathwork, humanology, and the chakras. All of which can be incorporated into other aspects of yoga and your everyday teachings.200 Kundalini YTT:$3,395 Bridge Program for Certified Kundalini Teachers:$1,850

3. YogaRenew

A gateway to a fully immersive training experience is offered by none other than YogaRenew, a Registered Yoga School (RYS®). The yogis at this school go through rigorous training to ensure they can guide others towards physical and spiritual enrichment.

YogaRenew shares many similar values as My Vinyasa Practice, as they strive to be as accessible and affordable as possible with their training courses. Every program is self-paced and allows convenient monthly payments if preferable. 

Each course is specifically structured to provide students with a solid foundation for yoga philosophy and practice. You have the option to enroll in their 200-, 300- or 500-hour programs that are registered with Yoga Alliance.

Once you go through their short enrollment process, you’ll gain access to YogaRenew’s active and supportive online Facebook group, filled with current students and graduates worldwide. This is a great tool for any student as it provides them with a community where they can share their experiences, ask for guidance, and learn new yoga techniques and philosophies from either their cohorts or people who were once in their very shoes. 

YogaRenew focuses on Yin Yoga, a specialized form of yoga that focuses on slow-paced movements held for an extended period of time.

In addition to paying for the cost of tuition, you’ll also need to buy 2 additional reading books: Teaching Yoga: Techniques & Foundation book by Mark Stephens and The Art and Business of Teaching Yoga by Amy Ippoliti & Taro Smith.

Teacher Training Certification Courses

200 HOUR YTTLike most 200-hour training courses, this option by YogaRenew covers all the essentials of yoga philosophy and practice through detailed videos, readings, workbooks, and more. Students can study the course material at their own pace to ensure they have a firm grasp of everything as they build a strong foundation for their teachings. There is always a great deal of material to cover when you first start your training to be a professional yoga teacher. YogaRenew instructors and yogis go through great lengths to ensure all that you learn is easily digestible and relevant. Some course subjects include: History and philosophy, yoga anatomy, the asanas, pranayama, meditation, mudras, and sequencing and structure.Payment Plan:$480 (6 monthly payments of $80) Paid in full:$437
300 HOUR YTTThe goal of the 300-hour course is to expand your knowledge and deepen your practice. Like all other teacher training programs, you’ll need to have completed the 200-level course before you can move on to the more advanced and in-depth material of the 300-hour program. The course covers 20 subjects filled with various themes, histories, techniques, and studies. Some include: Working with injuries, yoga ethics, advanced pranayama, advanced study of the ancient texts, and seva & being in service. Remember to check in during the live weekly zoom calls to access your yoga teacher mentors and join their online community for additional support. Payment Plan:$594 (6 monthly payments of $99) Paid in full:$549
500 HOUR YTTThe 500-hour teacher training program at YogaRenew combines their 200 and 300-hour courses efficiently without being overwhelming. Like any other 500-hour program, this is the most time and cost-efficient approach if you are sure you will need both levels of certification. The extensive material will take longer to cover than the individual courses, but YogaRenew’s well-trained yogis are here to help you through every step of the process as you take it at your own speed.Payment Plan:$990 (6 monthly payments of $165) Paid in full:$900

Why You Should Receive Your Yoga Certification Online

Although yoga teacher certification programs originally started in the studio and not every school offered an online option, there are several reasons why the online approach is more beneficial. 

It does, of course, have its drawbacks, such as not having in-person experiences with teachers and students, but overall, online certifications are becoming increasingly popular, and here’s why.

Reduced Costs

Schooling of any kind is rarely cheap and virtually never comes free. However, you can cut a significant portion of your yoga teaching certification cost by taking online courses.

In-person yoga certification courses will typically cost aspiring students anywhere between $1,000-$3,000 depending on the course, its location, and the resources included. 

Comparatively, you can obtain the same certification online for a fraction of the cost. Because online courses don’t have to worry about renting studio time or paying teachers per hour, they can offer reduced prices and simply film and post their sessions. All the reading materials can also be virtually available to cut costs further. 

Therefore, if your goal is to obtain your yoga teaching certification as little as possible, you should go with the online schools. 


Another significant benefit to online courses is that the curriculum and course content is easily accessible. 

For the most part, online yoga schools will allow their students to work through the course at their own pace, so it is accessible in the sense that anyone could do it at any time. Some might have time constraints or a more structured curriculum, but for the most part, students don’t have to worry about being present for a specified time or duration. They can squeeze in the work whenever it best suits them. 

Online yoga certification courses are also highly accessible with their content. As long as you have an electronic device, like a laptop or cell phone, you can easily access the entire course’s materials with the click of a button whenever you need it. 

This might include course readings you don’t need to buy yourself. It also means that you could replay certain training or lecture videos for easy review, an option that isn’t available in person.  

Just as Reputable

The fact that these certification courses are offered online does not in any way diminish their reputability. 

As long as you have chosen a reputable Registered Yoga School (RYS®) and all of the programs and certifications are registered by Yoga Alliance, they are just as trustworthy as any in-person school. Sometimes, they are even more reputable than the studio down the street. 

It is extremely rare to find a registered and certified online yoga school that doesn’t have courses taught by highly experienced and certified yogis. These courses are taught by individuals who have years of yoga teaching experience, and some can even go as far as being labeled experts. 

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to learn from the best yogis for a fraction of the cost because you are concerned about the quality of their teachings online. We guarantee that as long as you do your homework when choosing a school, you won’t be disappointed with the experience. 

Final Thoughts

There’s no denying the substantial growth in online yoga teaching certification courses. These programs’ benefits in sheer cost, accessibility, and reputation alone render them a strong contender for traditional in-person programs.

If you’re an aspiring yoga teacher that needs to take those first steps towards your certifications, we strongly recommend you take the course offered by My Vinyasa Practice. This studio will undoubtedly provide the exceptional training and guidance you need to be a well-rounded yogi!



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